Tuesday, 20 July 2010


It's time for another Guest Review, and this time we welcome The Transatlantic Blonde and her Tot Tester, Blondie Boy, who have been trying out a Flexi Bath. So, what did they both think?
Blondie Boy is what you might call a Water Baby.  He loves the water, especially his baths so I when I got the chance to try out the new FlexiBath I couldn't wait!
The FlexiBath is the first ever foldable baby bath tub and is made of hard plastic (BPA / PVC free) with soft folding lines made of rubber, which makes it both stable and
flexible, for additional safety and comfort, the bottom of the bath has a non-slip surface.  It folds down flat, but when opened holds 39 litres.
I was a bit worried at first because Blondie Boy has just started sitting up, so I wasn't sure how'd he'd fare, but he sat up and draped his arms over the sides to balance.  The bath was deep enough to go up and under his armpits and plenty of room for his to splash about.  When we were finished I was able to fold it up and slide it away under his changing table--it takes up no space at all!  This is the perfect bath if you are short on space or if you need to travel.  I know we've often struggled to fit a baby bath in the car when visiting family and had to resort to sink baths, which while they are cute, aren't entirely practical.  In the future we'll be able to take the Flexi-Bath along no problem!
Retailing at £29.95 the Flexi-Bath is comparable to other bulkier baby baths on the market.  I wouldn't recommend it for new babies, but it is great for older babies and children who can sit up on their own!

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  1. Hi I've managed to fit the support for my new born baby and it's perfect for mine! the bath really serves the purpose! thanks to the inventor! great idea.