Monday, 26 July 2010

GUEST REVIEW: Gtech Cordless Floor Sweeper

With another Guest Review, we hand over to Emma from Mellow Mummy, and her review of the Gtech Cordless Floor Sweeper. So, can it handle the crumbs and dust created by a busy family?

The Gtech cordless floor sweeper has filled a hole in my household that I didn't know existed! I have a toddler who likes to throw food on the kitchen floor. When I could be bothered, I used to plug in the vacuum cleaner and graunch around the kitchen but it was a lot of effort. The Gtech electronic sweeper takes up hardly any space in the corner of my kitchen, and after each messy meal I can quickly whizz it around the floor and tidy up the scene of food-destruction. The Gtech cordless floor sweeper is a great weaning accessory.

To start off with, I was a little disappointed with the effectiveness of the Gtech sweeper but I quickly re-adjusted my expectations. I had to remind myself that it is not a vacuum so can't be expected to magically suck up mess from the surrounding areas – you have to point it in approximately the right direction to do the work. I found that the sweeper, being more compact than my vacuum cleaner, could get under cupboards and radiators and into corners that hadn't been cleaned for years!

The other place where I have found the Gtech Cordless Floor Sweeper to be a Godsend is when cleaning the stairs. You can remove the long handle and just use the hand-grip. The Gtech is extremely light and with no cord to worry about stretching up the stairs, it makes cleaning the stairs a LOT more appealing. The brush-cover is removable to allow the brush to clean both the vertical and horizontal surfaces of the stairs at once – clever!

The Gtech sweeper is considerably cheaper to charge and operate than a traditional vacuum cleaner because it uses a lot less electricity. It has a removable tray from which you can empty the dust and dirt that it collects. If you tip the sweeper up, you can get the brush head deep into a carpet's pile (but it's a little tricky to hold that way).

Gtech’s cordless floor sweepers are available from Argos, Debenhams, Comet, Currys, John Lewis, Lakeland, Tesco and Robert Dyas, The Range and at for £49.95.

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