Monday, 5 July 2010

GUEST REVIEW: Wicked Vision Outdoor Toys

When the Family Panel was asked to review some outdoor toys, 20somethingmum had visions of the naughty Tots causing all kinds of damage, so she asked brave Mummy Blogger Laura of Yummy Mummy, Flabby Tummy to give them a try. Here's what she thought....

There is only so much football I can play so when Wicked Vision were looking for someone to review their Rangs Outdoor Magic Range, we thought we'd give them a go.

Wicked Vision is a toy, gift and game company based in London and their toys and games are sold in some of the most prestigious retailers in the world. They are the biggest manufacturer of indoor and outdoor boomerangs.

The first toy we were sent was one of their outdoor boomerangs. When it came I thought, "hang on, this isn't a boomerang! It has 3 blades?!?!" The reason they have 3 blades is because they are easier to throw and catch. They come in 3 different colours and have a flight range of 15-20 metres. Luckily for us we have masses of open air space just a 2 minute walk from our house so we went off to try it out. The boomerang comes with full instructions that are easy to follow and will guarantee the boomerang comes back to you. Once we set it up, it was easy to get going and it was coming back to us. Wee Z and Miss C had great fun watching for it coming back to Daddy. It did get stuck in a tree once and Daddy had to fetch it back but all in all for a "something different" toy we had lots of fun.

We were also sent a Duncan Proyo yo-yo. I remember there was a phase at school where everyone seemed to have a yo-yo and it was all about who could "walk the dog" and "loop the loop" the best. Well it seems yo-yos are back! 

They have a range of 10+ yo-yos on their site, each unique in its own way. Some have lights, some have brakes and clutches and some are especially designed to perform certain tricks. The Proyo is good for looping tricks and it comes with a CD-ROM with video instructions on how to perform the looping tricks. It also has tips on looking after your yo-yo or how to change things on it such as brake pads. Very handy for those who are keen to learn yo-yo! I had a few shots and to be honest my yo-yo skills aren't any better from 10 years ago! I tried to follow the instructions on the CD-ROM but ended up making a mess of them. Definitely a good toy if you are into yo-yos but not for me I'm afraid!

Wicked Vision not only sell boomerangs and yo-yos; they have a fantastic range of magnetic and Brain Benders travel games, flying discs and Funkix which is good for practising your keepy uppy skills. 

Check them out if you're looking for something a bit different for outdoor or indoor play. You can visit their website by clicking here.

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  1. That boomerang sounds like something that my two would love! Thanks very much x