Thursday, 29 July 2010

GUEST REVIEW:Brother Max Bath Toy Range

Our latest Guest Review is from Laura, of Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy, and her tot has been trying out some of the Brother Max Bath toy range. So, where they great for splashing, or not worth splashing the cash on?

We were recently sent some exciting bath toys from the Brother Max range. The Brother Max range was created by product designer and dad Jonathan Gold who wanted to design a range to make everyday tasks as a parent simpler thus enabling mum and dad to have more time to spend with their kids doing fun stuff! Anything that can save me time is a done deal for me, thank you Jonathan!

The bath toys come in 2 sets, either a 3 piece or a 5 piece. We are currently trying out the 3 piece set which consists of a sprinkler cup, a ring rattle and a twister flannel. The aim of these toys is to encourage children to get used to washing themselves but also to have fun. The sprinkler cup has little holes in it so when you scoop water with it, the water sprinkles out the holes like a shower. The ring rattle has a flannel lining the inside of the ring that your child can put round their wrist to wash their arms and the twister flannel can be used to wash everywhere else. Wee Z has been enjoying the sprinkler cup whilst Miss C enjoys chewing on the ring rattle; it's nice and chunky for those gums! The toys are well designed for the smallest of hands to grab hold of and they are suitable from 10 months onwards.

The other great thing about these bath toys is they have heat sensitive spots on them. If the bath is too hot then the spots turn from orange to yellow. If the temperature is just right then they will stay orange.

They are available to buy online at Amazon, Boots, Sainsburys and Kiddicare with a recommended sale price of £9.99 for the set of 3 or £16.99 for the set of 5.

Image courtesy of Entrice Communicatons

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