Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Halfords Bikes

The Tot Testers are very much fans of the great outdoors, and what with all this sunshine they're looking for ways to make their day fun. Halfords asked our intrepid Tots to try out two of a large range of bikes suited to their age, so what did they think...?

First up, our Big Tot tester tried out an Apollo Sweetie (69.99).

As a girl who loves all things pink and girly, lookswise the bike was a dream come true. It has included with the main bike frame a seat for her doll on the bike, a handy little pouch bag on the front just the right size for a drink, and best of all the handle bars have pom poms on the end. 

She was amazed as it came out of the box, and couldn't wait to have a go.

From a parents perspective it is very sturdy, with good grippy handles to hold, and comes with stabilisers included in the price.

The bikes are put together free of charge (handy for those of us who are not so great with a spanner), and the lovely people handling our bikes couldn't have been more helpful on the telephone. They asked whether we wanted to fit the stabilisers ourselves, as well as asking how big she is to put the seat on at the right height.  The bike arrived ready to go, which eased the possibility of wait induced tantrums-always a blessing!

The bike really is a little girls dream, its all there and there's no need to pay out for the extras that kids want. She may not be able to ride properly yet, but she's had great fun learning, especially with the added bonus of playing Mum to her dolly. Its a good weight and doesn't tip, has proper tyres rather than plastic imitations (which don't last as long) and leaving it in the garden has been no problem for the bike whatever the weather. The seat is comfy too.

A good starting bike for ages 3 to 6, however after that age they may not love the girliness of the bike quite so much!

Little Tot got to test a Boys Balance (44.99).
This is an ingenious little bike, which on first glance could be mistaken for your average push bike. Except on your second look it has no pedals!

The bike aims to be an alternative to using stabilisers, as it teaches co-ordination and balance skills first. It is maintenance free as there is no chain, and has a sturdy, light weight frame.

Little Tot was slightly unsure of this bike, having come straight from a three wheeler trike, and so wanted to be held on it. I think as he gets a bit older and grows generally in confidence he will grow more accustomed to it. Big Tot had a great time trying it out in between riding her sweetie bike.

At first she found it difficult to get the hang of- sitting on the seat whilst placing her legs either side resulted in  a few less than graceful moments, but the bike being half the weight of a regular bike made any falls minor. She soon picked it up, and her balance on the bike has improved. 

The bike is quite plain, and looks quite grown up, as its aimed at boys I think this would please the older end of the 3-6 years age range, with younger boys perhaps preferring a bike with cars or TV characters on it. Its a good price, and comes with proper tyres, easy grip handles, and safety steering.

Its very safe too, as the child's feet always touch the floor to make it move, which is good for those children who ae perhaps too old for stabilisers but are too new at bikes to ride without them.

Again, a well made, and cheaply priced bike which is safe and stylish.
We would highly recommend Halfords Bikes.

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