Monday, 12 July 2010

John Crane Wooden Toys

In our mind, as parents, we think there's nothing like an old style toy to keep the interest fresh. The Tot Testers have been trying out some toys from Wooden Toy seller John Crane Ltd. So, do they share our enthusiasm for old school?...

First up, Little Tot tried out some chunky wooden Rainbow Cubes (between 14.95 and 20.00, Amazon). These multi coloured large cubes stack either inside each other or make up a large tower of multi coloured blocks.

The blocks proved very popular with both the Tots- mainly as Big Tot enjoyed making a tower as tall as her, whilst Little Tot did they opposite and knocked them over!

With some toys, the rough and tumble of two excited Tots would be too much for them, and they would be consigned to the bin after being tested to destruction. Yet the Wooden toy stood up to being knocked and bashed with ease. 

Even when taken onto the patio, and crashed onto it from a height, they were pretty much unscathed- only the corners took a slight hit, and a very slight mark on a few of the larger blocks was all the damage the Tots could inflict.

They are brightly coloured, and every side of each block has a picture or design. Little Tot is currently learning his numbers, and these made it easy to teach him what number came next in the formation. Big Tot enjoyed telling us what animal or fruit was depicted on each of the blocks.

They are also easy to wipe clean, with a baby wipe or similar, and he wood didn't become soggy. Left out in the sun for two days they didn't warp or fade. A classic toy, which will soon be passed onto other family members with ease.

Next up, Big Tot tried a Pintoy Wooden family of four (16.99 for 4, Little Fish Toys)

These will be being revisited in a few weeks, as we are taking them to Camp Bestival!

They are small, with simple clothing and combine two parents, a girl doll and a boy doll. They handily come in different ethnic groups too, so would make a lovely gift for a child age 3 and up and can be matched to look like the child they are given to.

Big Tot loved these, and became quite attached to the girl doll, as she has a very similar dress and blonde hair- she has called it Me, for that reason! 

Small enough to place in a buggy bag or rucksack, Big Tot was able to get the idea of the toys straight away and began making up her own stories for them. 

Intended to be used in conjunction with the range of Pintoy's available, including a classic and of course wooden dolls house, car, bed set and farm, we feel this is a good start to the collection, and would make buying gifts for birthdays easy as the child would want the other pieces of the set.

Again, these survived all forms of rough play- including a dip in the paddling pool, and being laid on in bed, without a scratch. The body is softly wrapped in foam, and the arms, legs and head all move easily.

A great toy to travel with which will keep little girls amused for many days of play.

We recommend viewing the whole range of John Crane toys for something which is reasonably priced, classic and enjoyed by our tots.

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