Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Little Dish Favourites Cookbook

The Family Panel all love to eat as a family, but its hard to find recipes which will suit both adult and child tastes. Little Dish, who already sell healthy ready meals for children have now released a cookbook. So, what did they think of the tips?

Big Tot has just started to get interested in what goes on in the kitchen, and she loves nothing more than stirring sauces and chopping chicken slices. As we're a family who prefers to cook from scratch, it can sometimes get a little boring eating the same old traditional recipes.

That's where the Little Dish Favourites Cookbook was a gem on both counts.

It's incredibly simple to use, as it is divided into different food types, and there are some twists on classics as well as world cooking recipes which we hadn't tried before. Suitable from weaning onwards, this is a book which will happily be used again and again.

It also tells you how hard a recipe is- so its incredibly easy to chose a dish to prepare which Big Tot can help with without it becoming too trying for parent and child alike!

Its very well set out, with well drawn illustrations, and packed full of tasty, nutritious recipes. Priced at 14.99, I would have liked to see some images of the finished recipes, but its a hard backed book with 60 very good recipes.

A great recipe book for parents which would make a great gift.

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