Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The New Soda Stream

Say the words "Get busy with the fizzy" to most people over the age of 25, and you will immediately trigger a memory of childhood and perhaps even giggles. Many will say "Oh Soda Stream, wonder what happened to them?"  Well, they're back. Gadget Dad has been testing the new design to see whether this machine has a place in the 21st Century.....

Firstly, the reason why I am tasked with testing this out is because, shortly after we got this one out of the box, 20somethingmum happened to mentioned how the last time she used one was in her friends kitchen, in 1988. This ended in the hapless pair blowing it up, so fearing for the safety of the Tots and myself, decided it was best left to me! 

The biggest consideration of the new Soda Stream is the safety of it- after all, its a pressurised container, and in the wrong hands the old ones could blow to pieces. 

The new ones, however appear to be a lot safer, and are made of a tougher plastic, rather than the old bottles, some of which where glass. Its all sealed too, and owing to the bottle being securely screwed in place its a lot less likely that young children will be able to use it and cause damage!

Aesthetically, gone is the brown and cream box of the 80's with the frosted brown window. In it's place is trendy chrome,  with heavy duty chrome metal lids, and nicer (plastic) bottles. It fits in to the modern kitchen with ease, looking at first glance like a coffee machine. 

The most important query is obviously what do they taste like? They were a little questionable in the 80s!

But actually, they aren't that bad! In fact, apart from the cola, they actually taste very nice! Gone are the syrupy not very obvious taste, and in there place are easily detectable flavours, including versions of Energy Drinks, Lemonade and fruity flavours. 

They are very easy to use, even 20somethingmum managed to have a go without damaging the kitchen(!), setting up the machine is very simple too, and I barely needed the instructions.

The only consideration is the price. Although cheaper than the originals (at a staggering 100 pounds for the nicest model) its still approaching 75.00 (Amazon), and with it being a novelty item, which will also require new gas bottles and flavours, its not going to be for everyone.

Something which will obviously decrease in price, so something for nostalgia lovers who want something a little nicer to look at!

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