Thursday, 19 August 2010

Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera

Big Tot has been making Gadget Dad rather jealous this week, snapping away at the Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera. But does it produce shots that David Bailey would be proud of, or does it leave you thinking "whats that?. Lets see.....

We're big photo fans here at Family Panel, and even buying a mobile we always consider photo quality rather than phone features! Big Tot has often managed to get hold of a single use camera, sometimes with interesting results!

However, after an expensive Nikon of ours went to the place all things damaged by the children go (ie, the bin), we have been loath to let her near any form of photographic equipment!

So, we gave her the Kid Tough with an open mind- it may say "Kid Tough" but our intrepid Tot Testers are not like your average kid. They love to test things to destruction!

Well, the camera has lived long enough for her to really give it a go, and we have been very impressed. The person who invented it must have watched how children use a camera- they don't know, like an adult, that to produce a clear picture they need to keep it still. But with the Kid Tough, any amount of action shots would 8 times out of 10 come out, if not crystal clear, then sharp enough to tell what the picture was of.

It is hardy, and despite knocks from the sofa, it has been fine, and being left on wet grass in the drizzle for half an hour left no damage.

The quality of the shots is great- better outside than in, but overall better than my adults digital camera (and sadly for me, cheaper than that too!) and better than a mobile phone photograph. The colours are sharp and clear, and surprisingly impressive for a camera that is aimed at the toddler/tween market and priced at under £50 (Amazon).

Its easy to use for both a child and adult, and took 3 year old Big Tot minutes to work out how to switch it on and take a picture. The buttons are very big and colourful, just right for a little child. It connects to the PC via plug and play. Surprisingly, it can store up to 500 photos, thanks to its 128Mb Flash Drive, and is suitable for Mac and Linux users.

Our version is pink with love hearts and chunky sides to hold, which means the "thumb in shot" photo is a thing of the past. The camera can also be purchased in a more boy friendly blue and green design too!

One thing that did disappoint was that there was no USB included. It also caused a bit of stress as we tried different USB leads before we found the right sort!

However, as far as a camera to learn on is concerned, its a great buy, and you might just find yourself pinching it for those must take photo memory moments!

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