Friday, 27 August 2010

Girls Only Kim Doll

Big Tot hasn't always been the girliest of girls, but since turning 3 she loves all things dolls and pink. She's been trying the Kim doll from the Girls Only range, at Toys R Us. So, has she found a new friend?

The doll is quite tall, and soft bodied, so its a great "first" doll, and with the extra dog pet, and accompanying story disc it would make a great present for a birthday.

Its very highy detailed, with shiny thick hair, life like features including bright blue eyes, molded fingers, and rosebud lips. The clothes are very well made and suit the modern child as she is wearing up to date clothing and trainers- in fact Big Tot loved that she had trainers on that are like hers.

There's not too many accessories and I feel this is an added bonus, as any parent will testify how annoying it is if a child loses part of a set which they will then become upset at losing. With this dolly, its more about using imaginative play, as the child can make up little stories surrounding the doll and her pet dog. Big Tot spent over an hour playing first with the doll, then with the dog and its carry bag, and then with both together.

I loved how this is a simple doll, which is easily as desirable as some other higher priced toddler dolls, and anything which encourages imaginative play is always welcome in my home as it stimulates the child's developement. Its also great for cuddling too, which is still something which is important to a 3 year old!

I don't think it would be too difficult to find extras suitable for the doll, and its something which could grow with the child, as if they became bored with one set of clothing or accessories, then they can change the clothes and hey presto the doll changes and the interest sparks again.

I highly recommend this doll- and so it would seem does Big Tot, who is currently tucked up in bed with her doll yet again! Kim is priced at £29.99, and available at Toys R Us.

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