Saturday, 28 August 2010

GUEST REVIEW: Boost Your Wash

Despite counting down the days to the MADS finals in Bognor Regis, Emma from Mellow Mummy has very kindly given us her thoughts on Boost Your Wash- anyone would think she loves cleaning!

I have a toddler who gets through vests like there is no tomorrow, has just learned to walk and who likes to spread her food all over her face and clothes. I also have a cat who likes to trample mud over me when he comes for his evening hugs. My washing tablets NEED some help when it comes to really getting our clothes clean!

I have been using 'Boost Your Wash' alongside my normal washing tablets for about a fortnight. It is a laundry enhancer which claims to work with your existing detergent (powder, liquid or tablets) to turn it into a 'power cleaner'. It comes in a 500g bottle and you pour one cap full of the granules in alongside your normal detergent.

I had a pile of plain white toddler vests that I was about to throw away because of the food stains around the neck and the rather more unsavoury stains further down. I thought I'd give the vests one last run through the washing machine with the Boost Your Wash and most of them (but not all of them) came clean. Boost Your Wash also has antibacterial properties so its a really great idea for cleaning those unpleasant stains.

After using Boost Your Wash I have definitely noticed an improvement in the effectiveness of my washes when it comes to stain and general grubbiness. I haven't noticed any considerable change in the smell of my clothes after using it (they weren't particularly stinky in the past, and still aren't!).

Boost Your Wash ( costs around £3.99 and can be found in Waitrose, Tesco, Ocado and Robert Dyas.

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