Sunday, 15 August 2010

GUEST REVIEW: New Formulation Persil Small & Mighty

 Here's another great Guest Review from Emma at Mellow Mummy 

The Mellow household recently abandoned our usual washing detergent for a week or two in order to try out the new formulation Persil Small & Mighty.

Persil Small & Mighty is a very concentrated liquid detergent that you can pour straight into the drawer of your washer (so no messing about with balls, bags or other gadgets). You hardly need any liquid at all which means that the new bottles contain enough liquid for 28 washes (previously 20) which will last our family around 2 ½ -3 months, making one bottle really great value for money.

We tried the Bio liquid but you can also buy Non-Bio and Colour-Care versions. We live in a very hard water area but I found that I still didn't need to use more than one cap-full at a time to get a good wash. We tried using the liquid on a low-temperature wash. At 30 degrees I was more than happy with the results (something we have tried and been disappointed with in the past with our existing washing detergent).

The new formulation Persil Small & Mighty has added pre-treating technologies to assist with cleaning. I put all of my toddler's bibs and vests in the wash and the everyday stains seemed to shift without the need to add extra stain remover to the wash. We loved the summery, clean scent of the product but I think you always find a new fragrance appealing until you become desensitised to it.

Persil sing the praises of their Small & Mighty product because, as a double-concentrated liquid, it takes half the water to produce, half the packaging to store and half lorries to transport. I take these claims with a pinch of salt! It is however important to me that my detergent lasts a long time so that I am not constantly popping to the shops for more, and so that I don't regularly fill up my bin with empty bottles. Persil Small & Mighty ticks both of these boxes.

A 28-wash bottle of Persil Small & Mighty (1 litre) costs around £5.99 which is more expensive than the old formulation. It works out at around 20p per wash. Currently Persil have teamed up with Merlin Group to offer on-pack vouchers for FREE kids entry to all of their top attractions such as Legoland and Alton Towers.

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