Tuesday, 17 August 2010

GUEST REVIEW: SkinKind from Imperial Leather

Poor old 20SomethingMum has been all ill of late, and lovely Emma from Mellow Mummy has been catching up on some reviews in her  absence! Although looking at this review of SkinKind from Imperial Leather, its something the Family Panel will be trying very soon!

I love smellies. I love pampering goodies with great smells and textures. When I became a mum, my skin type changed and I now have sensitive skin that flares up when I use my favourite shower gels so I have been on the lookout for a range of pampering shower gels for sensitive skin rather than the boring, and often fragrance-free alternatives. SkinKind seemed like the perfect product for me.

SkinKind is a range of shower gels from the well-known brand, Imperial Leather. They are hypoallergenic and were designed to provide a fragranced yet allergen-free option for the most sensitive of skins. The range comprises three different shower gels.

I loved the 'Hydrate' creamy body wash as it was thick and milky. It is made with cotton extract and oat milk and the smell is feminine and comforting. I found that it left my skin feeling soft after a shower and it really did feel as luxurious as my old favourite shower gels.

The 'Refresh' body wash is made with cucumber and aloe vera and is described as 'invigorating' but I found it a little disappointing – the scent wasn't very strong. It is colour-free and provides a good lather so I did feel clean afterwards, just not as invigorated as I had hoped for!

My husband tried the 'Restore' hair and body wash which is specifically designed for men. It includes vitamin B5 and marine extracts. It smells subtely manly and, like the Refresh body wash, is colour-free. He found it refreshing and non-irritant (he normally suffers a lot with dry, blotchy skin after some shampoos and shower gels).

All of the products in the range are made with natural moisturising ingredients so your skin doesn't feel dry after using them. They are dermatologically approved and contain no known allergens. We found them to be a nice change from the other products on the market specifically targeted at sensitive skins – much more luxurious and nicer smelling! We found them to be effective at cleaning and pleasant enough to sniff, but they didn't leave us with a wow factor. SkinKind certainly don't make any claims to relieve sensitive skin, which is sometimes what you need from a shower gel.

The SkinKind range costs £1.80 per bottle and can be found in most supermarkets.

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