Sunday, 8 August 2010

Hello Kitty Tent and Sleeping Bag

Big Tot has, thanks to her first festival experience, discovered a love for all things camping, but how do you keep the tent atmosphere inside the comfort of your kids bedroom? Well, Big Tot has been trying the pre-released Hello Kitty Tent and Sleeping Bag to see if they fit everyone's requirements.

I have to say, both the Tots genuinely seemed to sleep better whilst in a tent in a field than they do at home, so when we are asked if Big Tot would like to try a mini tent and child sized sleeping bag, we were keen.

The Sleeping bag came to the festival with us, as we'd had trouble finding a sleeping bag suitable for her age- an adults version would be too long and wide, and I had been worried she may sink down into it in her sleep and over heat. 

The sleeping bag is thick, with a built in pillow at one end, that sticks out further than the edge of the bag part, making it far safer as the child's head naturally pokes free. It's washable which is handy after being dragged across grass for two days, and it comes in a carry bag and folds into a compact size.

It appealed to Big Tot as it was pink and had the Hello Kitty predominately emblazoned on the front, and she loved it so much that on one late night we let her bring it with us to sit on to watch a band! Its got a lovely springy base and the inside is cotton soft rather than shiny.

The only problem we found was the zip- she's quite overzealous and overeager and in her hurry to zip it up she did break the zip, but she was being rather forceful with it, so if using it with a toddler its best to zip it up yourself. 

At £19.99 it's competitively priced (other plain kids sleeping bags can be purchased between £9 and £23 from Amazon), and will be available from 15th September (although these can be pre-ordered at Amazon).

To go with her Sleeping Bag, she was sent the matching Dome Tent.

Again, this is big and pink with Hello Kitty designs all over- a little girls dream!

It's a great size- it's big enough for Big Tot to stand up in, and is waterproof too, so can be used in the garden. It has two zip up doors- one waterproof and one mesh to keep out flys and other bugs, and has a built in ground sheet.

It was simple to put up, is lightweight and can be secured to the ground with metal pegs just like your average dome tent, but unlike most play tents. I see no reason why this couldn't be used as a camping tent option for older children or for a special camp out in the back garden. 
It would easily and comfortably fit 2 children in, and is not too big that it would be a nuisance in the house- we are using ours in Big Tot's bedroom and its a great place to store toys in a room that lacks storage., yet it also fits in due to the girliness of it.

Big Tot has been found on a few occasions to have given up her bed and snuggled down for the night in the tent, which tells you all you need to know of her thoughts!

Again, at £19.99, its reasonably priced, and good quality, as well as being multi-purpose. Its also available from the 15th September from Amazon.

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