Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Johnsons No More Tangles Range

Big Tot has long girls hair, but as any girl (or Mum!) knows, long hair means lots of tangles. Johnsons think they have the solution with their new " No More Tangles" range, but did it leave Big Tots hair shiny or knotty?

Like most 3 years, Big Tot is very active, and enjoys running, tumbling and standing on her head, as well as jumping around in general. As a result her hair is often a mess- rats tails as my Granny would  refer to it!

And is she a fan of having it washed or brushed. No, as it does pull however gently its combed, and its awful for us parents to have to reduce the child to tears in the name of tidiness.

Johnsons have long been the company who is intuitive of a parents woes, and their latest range of shampoo, leave in conditioner and de-tangle spray promise to eradicate bad hair day blues.

The shampoo, which also still contains the well loved "no more tears" formulation is thick when lathered up, yet only needs a small pea sized amount to leave the hair clean. It washes out easily with limited fuss, and smells gorgeous, almost a minty smell.

The leave in condition is also economical as again it needs only a very small amount to cover the hair, and you couldn't have an easier product as you literally squirt the light formula on and thats it, no rinse required. 

The de-tangle spray is another easy to use product, and comes in a handy spray bottle. It goes on as a light mist and dries with no residue.

So, the big question- does it work?

Yes, it works wonders, either used as a combination of all 3, or individually. The de-tangle spray is light enough to use day to day, and makes brushing and styling the hair much easier. There are no chemical smells or residue build up, and no damage to delicate toddler hair.

This has made our lives easier, and now brushing and washing Big Tots hair is a pleasure.

A big Family Panel Thumbs up for Johnsons!

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