Monday, 9 August 2010

Playmais Craft Sets

The Tot Testers are bored of all the rain and having to stay indoors, so what can parents do in the holidays to keep kids amused on indoor play days? We've been trying two types of Playmais to see if it fits the bill...

When I first opened the boxes of Playmais we had been given to try, I thought someone had made a mistake, and we had been sent the packing peanuts rather than the toy itself. I had never seen nor heard of it before, so had to look at the pictures on the side just to confirm we had what we were meant to have!

That is pretty much in a nut shell what Playmais looks like and effectively is- packing peanuts, but multi coloured, and non toxic. 

What on earth do you do with them was my next thought, and Gadget Dad took one look and said they were banned as there would be all sorts of glue needed and mess and once again out family heirloom table would bear the brunt of our children doing the anarchist version of a Blue Peter make.

However, after reading all the instructions, it became clear that, thankfully, there's no need for messy glue, or extras from the craft shop, all thats needed is a bit of water on the little cloth included in the box, and a little patience.

Little Tot was quite happy just opening the box and amused himself putting his hands in and squidging the pellets. He had no interest in doing anything crafty, but as he's not yet two thats hardly a surprise- he enjoyed himself anyway!

Big Tot, however was very pleased with the Disney Princess set, as she has been missing playschool and it gave her the chance to recreate the makie table (as they call it there). 

It took a bit of trial and error for her to work out that you don't need to soak the pellets as only dampening them is required to make them stick together, but after a few attempts she had the idea. In the box a craft knife of sorts is included, but its not sharp and is made of plastic, its very much the same as a picnic knife. As the pellets are so soft its very easy to slice them in half, and the knife can be used to make indents in the pellets for leaves etc.

An item which at first appears messy and complicated that with a bit of adult guidance is fun and can be used to make untold pictures and cards, its ideal for rainy days and won't cost you lots in extras.

Playmais is available from Amazon, priced at £16.99 for the Disney Princess set, or £11.99 for the large starter set.

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