Thursday, 26 August 2010

Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Plan

Like all Mums, 20SomethingMum would love to get back to the svelte figure she had pre-children. But a combination of snacking to keep going, coffee over load and nibbling on the tot testers left overs have all put paid to that. She has been trying the total diet plan from Tony Ferguson to see if it can help.

I'm not a fan of exercise. Fact. I do not have the time or the energy. May sound lazy but with two under 4s in the house, mountains of washing and tidying, and no car/living at top of the hill and double buggy pushing, its not like I don't get exercise! However, I am, like a lot of mums a snack lover- its often easier to grab a biscuit or bag of crisps than cook a meal or make a healthy lunch.

Tony Ferguson weight loss has come to the UK after major success in Australia, and centres around helping to make the dieter understand the impact of their eating habits. It slowly eases the dieter into a better eating pattern and is a complete programme both for use at home and via online help and advice, as well as in Boots stores.

Yes, there are milkshakes, and diet bars, but there is also a comprehensive guide book which will tell you how best to diet for your needs, it helps you recognise the kind of eater you are at the moment, and gives clear advice into step by step ways to make eating work for you.

Firstly the milkshakes. These come in powder form, with a measuring beaker and lid- making it easy to drink on the go. I tried several of the flavours available, which include Chocolate, Strawberry, Toffee and Wildberry.

They do fill you up- in fact even though you are told via the instructions clearly printed on the reverse of the sachet to make up 200ml, its impossible to drink it in one go. It may look like children's powdered milkshakes, however, its not watery.

I find they tasted slightly gritty. The first taste in the mouth is of the flavour you expect it to be, but it does have a slight chemical taste after that, but considering they are there to replace a meal, they are full of vitamins and minerals (21 in fact!) so that's possibly the reason why.

I wasn't so keen however on the soups. I'm not the biggest fan of tomato soup normally, but this was too much for me to manage. Again it was simple, and thick, but I was put off by the smell first of all. It tasted slightly slimy, and not really of tomato either. The chicken was slightly better, but not much, maybe it was due to me eating them in summer, or the lack of bread to dip in them, but I wasn't a fan.

I also tried out the Cook Book that enables you to still enjoy cookery but healthily. It is packed full of delicious recipes, and I must say I enjoyed this aspect of the diet plan the most. It was real food with real ingredients, and with the book helping to keep potion sizes under control, the food was still yummy, edible and filling.

The plan really seems to be in tune with the way a person who enjoys eating feels or behaves. They don't expect the user to go from eating shed loads to a limp piece of lettuce twice a day, or even eat the same things day in day out, which is where I have failed before out of boredom. You are allowed to eat 5 times a day, with helpful and handy "meals in a bar" which fit in the busiest of dieters handbags and time tables and taste fruity filling and delicious.It is almost impossible to go from easting in between meals to not, and the Tony Ferguson plan accommodates this, with a  little and often practice. However, it weans you off this slowly but surely, and with the range of shakes, bars and jellies (yes, jelly!) available, as well as a bumper cook book and recipes online, its easy to feel full up without nibbling on the kids food!

You're encouraged to go online to chat with other dieters as a way of support, and can ask questions at any time.

Most of the diet aids are available pretty cheaply, with the sachets of soup and milkshakes costing £1.99 each, and the cook book costing £9.99 (not any different from your average celebrity cook book), the most expensive, but must have item is the Bible of the diet in the form of the Programme Guide, at £15.99. It shocks you how it seems to get exactly where you are with your eating habits and doesn't make you feel bad for them either.

The Internet support from other users makes this a modern woman on a diets must have, as it means busy mums and working woman don't have to find time to slot in a traditional meeting at a church hall, they can simply log on and chat to others.

This is by no means a quick fix, its a long term way of making sure you re-educate yourself to make sure that when you reach your goal you can maintain it, rather than immediately slipping back into old ways.

The complete programme and products can be seen at Boots online.


  1. Hi, I'm working with Tony Ferguson and wanted to let you know that Philippa and Claudine are sharing their WEIGHT LOSS STORIES with a DAILY
    DIARY and WEEKLY VIDEOS on the official TONY FERGUSON Facebook Page:

    It’s currently week 4 for 'The Buddies', they have 4 more weeks to go and are already seeing impressive weight loss at the half way point.

  2. Thanks so much for the plan. So far I am using Lipobind and it is working.