Thursday, 2 September 2010

Bobbin Bumble Bee Game

Here's another review from The Tot Testers as part of their new roles as Toyologists. This time its the turn of the Bobbin Bumble Bee Game.

The Bobbin Bumble Bee game is pretty simple, and is aimed squarely at hyperactive toddlers, who, if the tots are anything to go by love nothing more than thwacking random objects.

All the child needs to do to play is simply hold a bat, wait for the bumble bee to fly their way and hit it before it takes one of their three honey discs. Simple but happily effective.

It took both the Tots no longer than five minutes of parent tutorial to get the idea, and the fact it actually encourages them to hit something means it went down very well indeed, regardless of whether they had any discs left or not.

The bats are very sturdy- at one point Little Tot caught me in my mid swing, and it hurt! So possibly the idea of injury may put more cautious parents off. The Bumble Bee itself is quite flimsy looking, and I wouldn't see the stick it is held on lasting for too much abuse.

They did find it a great laugh, and all round it was great as it doesn't require too much adult supervision (except if they start hitting each other but thats probably just my tots!), and is suitable for 2-4 players.

Its available from Toys R Us, priced 17.99.

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