Thursday, 2 September 2010

Clarks Six Step Shoe Service

Big Tot is about to go back to playschool, and that means its time for the little essentials to kit her out with. With the weather on the turn, its boots first, and Clarks invited us to see why their six step fitting service is best for growing feet.

We have never taken either of the Tots to be measured for shoes before, but now that Big Tot is approaching 4 and her feet have had some issues with chain or fashion store shoes, it was about time to see if her Mum's feet in two different sizes was her problem too.

Clarks has long been associated with sensible school shoes, and with measuring to get the correct specially tailored size, but in the last decade its enjoyed something of a style injection across the range and is shedding its sensible and sturdy image.

The assistant who helped us was incredibly helpful, asking lots of questions, such as what sort of shoe were we looking for, how often the shoe would be worn, and what age Big Tot is. He asked whether she was the sort of child who scuffs her toe when she walks or runs, and also made her feel at ease with him touching her feet!

The measuring service provided is quick but incredibly thorough, measuring exactly the length, width and depth of all parts of her feet. Both feet are measured as a high percentage of both children and adults have feet of slightly differing width or length fittings. Big Tot was quite happy having her feet measured as the assistant explained what he was doing to her feet- this helped build a confidence and comfort level as she was quite baffled as to what was going on!

We chose a sturdy pair of brown boots with flower detail. The shoes in Clarks are all made from quality leather, and it shows, they are soft both inside and out and are designed to fit like a glove.

When we had her size, Big Tot was asked to walk back and forth- exactly how I was a number of years ago when shoe shopping for my school shoes- I used to think as a child that this was so other people could marvel at your choice of shoe!

In fact, the assistant watched her closely to check for any signs of discomfort, finishing by giving her feet a good squeeze, and checking where her toes were inside the shoe. 

Lastly Big Tot was asked for her verdict on comfort- and it speaks for itself that she wanted to leave the boots on!

Priced at 42.00, it is more than we have ever paid for shoes or boots before, but increasingly we've been disappointed with the overall quality of the shoe and had noticed more and more that on the longterm the shoes were bad for her feet. These boots scream quality, and fit her properly, and several days in of wearing them and she loves them for playing in the garden and walking happily here and there from home to town and back again.

Happy feet and happy parents!

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