Sunday, 19 September 2010

Good Night Iggle Piggle

In another review as a bona fide Toyologist for Toys R Us, Little Tot has been trying a new toy to the ever expanding In The Night Garden range. So, what did he think?

In the Family Panel house, we thought we had got over the In the Night Garden fad, purely because Big Tot had moved onto all things Fairy related, and Little Tot seemed to show no interest in it. We had also thought that we had bought all the range, but having not purchased anything for a while, it seems the people behind the merchandise have gone back to their desks and come up with some new toys.

I was slightly skeptical whether or not the Good Night Iggle Piggle toy would be well received- it was Big Tot who pulled it out the box, and tried to spark interest in Little Tot. 
Once out of the box, it was the same as we've experienced with other toys linked to the show- a standard character plush, more or less an identical version of the others we already have. The only difference is that this one comes with pyjamas and slippers, yet the plush itself does, well, nothing at all. It does come with a hard plastic lantern the same as the TV character uses for a mere 2 minutes each episode when he arrives or departs the Night Garden by boat.

Little Tot enjoyed this toy for the time it took him to remove all the clothes. The slippers have since been lost, presumed redundant at the bottom of the toy box. The pyjamas have been reused as clothing for one of Big Tot's dollies!

I think the idea behind the toy is to aid sleep, due to the lantern. However this isn't really possible because the lantern is made from very thick, hard plastic- not the cuddliest of items at bedtime whatever the age of cuddler! As for the "storybook"- not so much book as leaflet- this could have, and should have or the price been a hardback book, surely? Ours ended up screwed up after a few minutes.

This has had less than a warm reception, and now lies with the other no longer played with but remarkably similar Night Garden toys, on a Night Garden version of the scrap heap!

Sorry to the makers, but at £19.99, with the rest of the characters, as I said more or less the same, parents may start to think that pressure power has been taken too far with these products. Surely it would be much better to have a range of accessories at a much cheaper price and minus the character being reproduced time and again?

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  1. Thank you for this - I was umming and ahhing about it as the youngest loves iggle piggle and has the whole collection already.

    We shall save the money for some ITNG bedding instead