Saturday, 11 September 2010

Greens Cake Mixes

20SomethingMum and Big Tot have been cooking up a storm in kitchen, baking using Greens Cake Mixes. But are they as tasty to eat as properly made cakes?

We tried out 3 of the vast range of Greens cake mixes available, which includes an easy to make dessert range too. 

I was quite dubious as to how authentic these would taste as we had tried baking with a ready to make mix before from a competitor and was left with dry, bland cakes.

Inside the box is everything you need to make the cakes, except cold water and an egg, even the cake cases are there. The mix is simply poured from the bag, three teaspoons of water goes in (and for those cooking with a toddler, accuracy is not required!) and the egg. You then stir the mixture just as you would a made from scratch cake until the mixture is soft and creamy. Its then transferred to the cases and baked for up to 20 minutes. 

The boxes also contain everything that's needed to decorate the type of cake you are making. In the case of the Thomas the Tank Engine fairy cakes, there is icing sugar which just needs a small amount of water added, and it makes more than enough to decorate the cakes, as well as sugar paper squares of the main Thomas characters, and a tube of strawberry sauce which is simply squeezed on around the cakes.

We also tried Lemon Muffins which were my personal favourite. Again the minimum effort was required, the mix was made up with 160ml of water and an egg, 2/3 of it scooped into the six muffin cases (Yes included in the box!). There was a lovely strong lemon sauce which went in the middle of each muffin before the remaining mixture was spooned on the top. 25 minutes later we had massive muffins.

It literally took no more than five minutes of limited effort to achieve cakes which you easily pass off as made from scratch and which were truly delicious.

We made the Vanilla cake mix which had a Sponge Bob theme, and again came with all the ingredients, including a baking tray to cook the cakes in. We had a bit of trouble cutting  them in half though, so rather than adding butter to the icing mix to make a cream filling, we just used it as icing and made a big cake instead!

I see these as an alternative for busy Mums who still want the chance to bake with the kids, but just don't have the time, or maybe the know how, to make the kind of cakes we all made when we were kids!

At £2.50 per box, it may not be cheaper than buying shop bought cakes, but its far more enjoyable. And Big Tot loved the experience of baking with me, and of course eating the results.

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