Thursday, 2 September 2010

GUEST REVIEW: Kurtis Baby Peace Sunshade

Here's a great review from Emma at Mellow Mummy who has been trying out the Kurtis Baby Peace sunshade.

The Baby Peace is a simple concept. You know when you hurriedly throw a towel or a blanket, or even a muslin cloth over your pram to protect your baby from exposure to the sun? You know the funny looks you get from people as you wheel your pram past with a make-shift cover draped over it? Well, the Baby Peace is designed to stop people giving you those funny looks – it is a stylish solution to a common problem.

The Baby Peace by Kurtis is made from 100% organic cotton and has a non-toxic printed pattern (for those which have patterns). It clips onto the hood of your pram or pushchair to provide a thick curtain to shade your baby from the sun. It is made from a really nice soft thick jersey cotton fabric which provides 99.5% UVA protection and 99.7% UVB protection from the sun. Unfortunately, the curtain isn't water-proof so it is really only suitable in dry weather or underneath your existing rain cover.

The Baby Peace fits any pram or pushchair because it simply clips on with plastic rings a bit like those used on a shower curtain. I found that on my pram, the curtain draped nicely over the bassinette but on my pushchair, the curtain wasn't quite long enough for my liking and it flapped about mid-way across my daughter's body.

I think that the Baby Peace would be absolutely ideal for use over an infant carrier as it can clip directly onto the handle and there are few other products that are suitable for this purpose. You can use it in the car over an infant carrier to protect your baby from the sun – something that I needed for my baby on many occasions.

I found the Baby Peace more practical than a towel or blanket because it has small ties to attach it firmly to the side of your pram which prevents it from blowing away. The Baby Peace costs £29.99 and can be bought online from a number of great online baby retailers such as and

The Baby Peace comes in a wide range of bright and neutral colours and has some great stylish black printed designs. There is no denying it looks smart but I the product does seem like an expensive alternative to the spare towel approach that I previously practiced! However, if you feel self-conscious about draping something over your pram, or if you prefer the more stylish look then the Baby Peace is for you and would make a great gift for new parents.

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