Saturday, 11 September 2010

PREVIEW: Grandpa In My Pocket, Volume 2 on DVD

Like all children, The Tot Testers love a bit of fantasy, especially when mixed with a bit of age appropriate comedy too. They've been watching a CBeebies favourite, Grandpa In My Pocket, now available on DVD.

Grandpa in My Pocket stars James Bolam in the title role, as a Grandpa who has the power to shrink in size, and gets into all sorts of trouble using his magic. The magic is only known to his Grandson, Jason, and poor Jason has to follow the pocket sized Grandpa on his adventures ensuring he stays safe!
The Mason family live in a picturesque seaside town, and live amongst a cast of nice, but seemingly prone to accident and misadventure people. Everything in the show is happy, colourful and smiley and at every turn it seems that Jason's Grandpa is the only one who makes everything turn out all right in the end. 
There is always a hidden message which teaches the children that if they are kind to someone, or share, or don't lie, then they will be much happier, and will make others happy too, just by being nice.

The DVD comes with a miniature finger puppet so the child can put Grandpa in their own pocket whilst watching the episodes contained on the disc. It really is a laugh a minute- not just for the children but the adults too, who can revel in the old school feeling of "Alls well that ends well" which every episode leaves you with. 

I personally love how, despite all the magic powers Grandpa has, he still needs Jason, who is just a regular child, to help him save the day, and this point is emphasised when at the end of each other Grandpa congratulates the two of them by shouting "We did it, Jason, Teamwork".

Its not surprising that the first edition of the DVD sold over 25,000 copies.

The DVD is released on the 20th September and is a must have for parents tired of their children watching cartoons incessantly. A great watch which, if your child is like Big Tot, they'll ask for over and over.

A Family Panel Thumbs Up!

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