Friday, 8 October 2010

Chuggington Interactive Railway

In the latest of our Toyologist series, Big Tot has been trying out the Chuggington Interactive Train Set, by Learning Curve.

Big Tot loves the show on TV, knows the song off by heart, so was very excited to try it out, and wanted it set up as soon as it came out of this months Toyologist box. 

Which is where the biggest hurdle of this toy begins.

With most toys, they have lots of little bits and bobs to remove before the toy can be played with. However, I've never seen wire ties so hard to remove, literally wound around the trains themselves in very small parts which were almost inaccessible- one piece took me over ten minutes to remove, and even then had to be removed via a pair of scissors and a not entirely safe method. Luckily, not all the bits had the wire tags and ties, elsewise I may have given up.

On the plus side it does come with a generous amount of batteries included, although they aren't already installed, but it was nice not to have the usual nightmare of finding out the toy requires 10 batteries and all you have in stock in the cupboard is 9!

Child's view wise, the train set is great- the noises are exact replicas of the show, as are the models themselves. The train and crane element really impressed both the Tot Testers and this certainly has a low boredom threshold, it has been played with most days since in conjunction with their Lego.

One thing I would say is that the train set only comes with one train of the characters in the series- which means the pressure is on to buy more of the sets available. So on one side an investment as you can then build it up on each birthday and occasion buying time. But I don't think, being plastic and basic this is going to become the kind of set which a child when take with them and play with in the attic when they leave home!

Its also quite expensive for a plastic train set, at £49.99  for this set, and the trains after over £5 at least each, the fact that there is only one train included  is something which many will be put off by.

Kids will love it, and the Tots certainly do. Just prepare for lots of untagging!

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  1. I bought this set for my sons 3rd birthday. Don't buy it, complete rip off for the quality of the track.
    It falls apart constantly and every time you build it you'll need the instructions otherwise it won't connect together properly.
    The supports are useless as they barely hold the flimsy track up, the trains come flying off the track constantly leading to major tantrums.
    Buy a Thomas track instead if your child is a train fan or spend the money on something that won't lead to insanity for all involved!