Saturday, 30 October 2010

GUEST REVIEW Ariel Stain Remover

 Our resident cleaning product reviewer (her words, not mine!) Mellow Mummy has very kindly been firing up her washing machine to review Ariel Stain Remover. So, did it stand up to the dreaded dribble of baby food?

I have become a bit of a stain remover connoisseur through no choice of my own.  I have a daughter who, somehow, manages to get food stains on every single item of clothes.  Even her vests (which are normally underneath the other clothes, right?).  I am also somebody who tends to try and use more eco-friendly options when possible but since becoming a mum, I have honestly found that the eco-friendly brands of washing detergent just can't cope with the types of stains that babies and toddlers produce to I look to use an additional stain remover when possible.
I have recently tried out the Ariel Stain Remover which is relatively new to the market.  I struggle to understand why a regular user of Ariel washing detergents needs to add an additional stain remover - surely that's an admission that the detergent isn't as good at removing stains as it should be?  Anyway...the Ariel Stain Remover comes in 5 different forms (two of them with added whiteners).  I tried the traditional powder that you add to your wash but it also comes in spray and gel forms.
I added one dose of the Ariel stain remover to my normal white washes that contain my daughter's food-covered vests and yes, just as their website claims, I did notice the difference in just one wash!  There is no doubt that the stains came out much better using this product.  Even vests that I had thought about throwing away were much improved (although in one or two cases, the old stain wasn't totally shifted).
Buying an additional stain remover such as Ariel's is in expensive thing if you intend to use it in every wash but as an occasional addition to your wash, I think it presents good value for money, especially if it prevents you from throwing away clothes that would otherwise be ruined.
Ariel Sain Remover is available from most supermarkets.

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