Sunday, 31 October 2010

Tilda Basmati Rice Range

Being a food loving household, The Family Panel have been trying out the Basmati range from Tilda to celebrate Diwali.

As a busy Mum I am a big lover of rice. There's nothing easier to cook the a pan of rice, a few herbs and a handful of left over chicken to make a good, quick meal. Its also a relatively cheap store cupboard item too, and I particularly like the newer "Microwaveable serving" varieties that have been steadily arriving on supermarket shelves.

Tilda are a name traditionally at the centre of cook at home Indian cuisine, and their Basmati rice is the only 100% Pure Basmati certified rice on the market today. It costs as little as 30p per portion, which considering its quality is cheap and cheerful!

We tried the Plain in both the stove cook variety and the microwave option. Both were very easy to cook with, even a novice Rice cook in the form of Gadget Dad had no problem trying the stove variety out, and managed in under 20 minutes to produce fluffy, separated grains of yummy rice. 

The Microwave option, ready in two minutes, is the ideal meal option for students and cooking novices, as its impossible to go wrong with it. You simply pull it from the cupboard, tear a small hole in the top, and 2 minutes later you have hot, fluffy rice.

The microwave version also comes in a variety of flavours, including tasty Pilau, which tastes as authentic as in an Indian restaurant, Mushroom, Lime and Coriander,and Butternut Squash, which we also got to try out.

I wasn't so keen on that variety, but that's more to do with the fact I'm not a great fan of Butternut squash itself! However I have tried the Pilau previously and found it goes very well with home made curries to create a satisfying meal.

Tilda also cater for Brown Rice fans too, with just as simple and tasty Whole Grain rice varieties, again suitable for stove or microwave cooking.

I found with all the varieties, I was able to pan fry them once cooked and this had no effect on the final taste, as with some shops own brands I've found the rice can sometimes get quite dried out and hard, and spoil the overall taste. The Tilda rice soaked up the flavours already in the pan and stayed sticky, rather than dry.

Whatever your cooking skills level, the Tilda Basmati Rice range can cater to all, and is a great larder staple for a reasonable price.

Tilda is available in all major supermarkets and most independent stores.

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