Saturday, 23 October 2010

Tomy Aquadoodle Desk

In the latest of our Toyologist series, Big Tot has been putting her artistic skills to the test with the Aquadoodle Desk.

As Toyologists, we had already tried out the regular Aquadoodle mat with pen, and had found that the Tots both enjoyed the novelty of drawing without a proper pen or pencil. 

The Aquadoodle Desk takes the original idea a stage further, and makes not just a tidy alternative to messy and upholstery damaging crayons and felt pens, but a handy portable desk which is just the right size for young children to draw at.

Again, the "pen" is filled with a small amount of cold water- and a little goes a long way- but this time rather than a mat to place on the table or floor, you have a lightweight wooden desk, with removable top and double sided drawing board.

I think this is probably the best aspect of this toy other than the lack of mess it creates. With the standard mat, once an over keen Little Tot had scribbled all over the mat, it would then need to hang over the chair before it dried out and could reused. Which meant tantrums caused by impatience from Big Tot, it meant the need to break out the crayons as usual! 

With the desk, although the drawing space is smaller than the mat, and it doesn't make a noise like the mat we tried previously, it is simple to lift the desk top off, flip it round and while one side dries the other can be drawn on without the need for fuss. 

The removable nature of the desk top also means that should the child prefer to draw away from the desk, they can do this easily too. Its not too heavy either, and Big Tot managed to easily remove the top herself.

It looks well designed, and we found that Big Tot loved having her own little desk, as at present we are teaching her the beginnings of writing her own name, and she could do that without Little Tot distracting her or pinching her paper from the table!

Priced at a reasonable £29.99, when you consider its a piece of handy furniture, plus a hassle free drawing tool, I think if I was considering which of the two products to purchase, I'd go for the desk.

A great for those with budding artists who like to keep the drawings on the paper, and not on the walls!

You can purchase the Aquadoodle Desk at Toys R Us.

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