Friday, 15 October 2010


Our intrepid Tot Testers have plonked on their Toyologist caps to review the LEGO Duplo Big City Zoo. Here's what they thought.

LEGO has been a popular toy in our home ever since Big Tot received a bucket of Duplo for her second birthday. It gets played with at Playschool too, and Little Tot finds it good to, well, pretend its a car actually!

The LEGO Duplo Big City Zoo was met by a ridiculous levels of excitement- levels not seen in our house unless the words "park", "sweets," or, in Big Tots case, "Carousel" are mentioned.

Little Tot is becoming more aware of animals, as he's been watching "Its Our Planet", so the chance to tell us all, over and over, what animals were what was great for him. He also loved that his LEGO cars from an existing set all fit with this set, so he was able to click the animals in for a ride.

Big Tot was much more at home attending to the business of setting up homes for the "'nanimals" and set about fitting all the bits and pieces together with study progress, but with ease.

The great thing about the Duplo version of LEGO is that its great for younger kids to learn slowly how to use the Lego to create things with. And when they are ready to move up to the regular Lego, it can all move with them, and they can build around the Duplo with it.

This has not been away in the box since it arrived, both the Tots genuinely like it, and the really great thing, for us to watch at least, is that they can happily, without fights or fuss, play with it together, which is noce to see and makes a change from a toy being very much for one or the other of them.

A great toy, at £59.99, quite expensive but would make a great "main gift" or joint gift for Christmas.

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