Saturday, 16 October 2010

TOYOLOGIST: Silvercross Ranger Doll Pram

Big Tot has been trying out a miniature version of a Silvercross pram, available exclusively at Toys R Us. So, did it impress our Doll Mad Tot?

Since receiving a Baby Annabel doll, our eldest Tot has become like a mini Mummy, taking the doll everywhere with her, including putting it into Little Tots own buggy and trying to push it around. Not a great idea as being that the doll is small and the buggy is made for a toddler to sit in and not to push, disaster was sure to follow.

Luckily, as part of the Tot's continuing (and popular) status as Toyolgists, Big Tot was sent a dolls sized pram to try out- the Silvercross Ranger Doll Pram (in duck egg blue).

On first look, when put together (no don't worry, the only construction the pram requires is the hood to be slotted on, and the shopping basket to be placed on the bottom) its a very impressive, yet perfectly scaled version of your everday pram.

It is suitable for dolls of varying sizes up to 50cm, and comes with an adjustable handle height (between 60-74cm) to ensure its easy to use whatever the height of the child, and so it can grow with them too if its a long term investment purchase.

Included with the pram is a replica Buggy Bag, in a thick material its easy to mistake it for a proper buggy bag, and its roomy enough for anything the child wishes to take with their doll.

Its very well made, with easy to slot on hood and cosy toes, yet its not too weighty as to make it a trial to use for tots such as Big Tot. The wheels are good and chunky, really this is a product that I'm sure Silvercross put as much care and attention to detail into as they do with their full sized prams. It also folds flat for ease of storage (thats if your child will let you get near it long enough!).

One thing though- the handle has the same grip material as standard buggies and prams, and after Little Tot decided that this was obviously (to him) not a pram but a car, he managed to be a little heavy handed with it and the gripper did split- however a small amount of superglue later and you'd never know. Considering its not a major part of the pram which doesn't effect its functionality or safety, just its looks, its not a major issue, just one to bear in mind if your children can be a little heavy handed.

At £34.99, its not quite as expensive as I expected- to be fair, when I saw the Silvercross stamp plus the quality, I was sure it would be over £100! When purchased from Toys R Us, it can be delivered for under £5.

A great gift for little girls which has quality written all over it, its made a little (Big) Tot very happy!

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