Thursday, 18 November 2010

Disney's Fish Hooks

As a fan of animation, Big Tot has been watching a new show from Disney in the form of  Fish Hooks. Its about to air on the Disney Channel, but we had a sneak peek!

Say Disney and you can be assured that what you are getting is ground breaking, great fun and suitable pretty much for the whole family, and Fish Hooks was no exception.

Big Tot has been steadily tiring of her former favourites and we've been trying to find some new shows which she will enjoy whilst not annoying us parents after two minutes!

Fish Hooks tells the tale of 3 Fish friends, all of them at the tween age range. They are voiced by some pretty well known people, including Kyle Massey (formerly of Thats so Raven and Cory in the House), and Chelsea Staub (Bratz: The Movie and Jonas LA), and they live in fishtanks in a pet shop.

It relates to the children because the fish don't just swim around their tank- like real people they have to go to school, and face the normal trials we all face- wanting a girl friend, envy of the sportsman at school, not being the cool kids and get through these with the help of their friends.

The show also has a cast of equally recognisable guest voices too, of characters who pop up now and again, including John Di Maggio (credits include Futurama, Kim:Possible and Madagascar) as Jocktopus (possibly the funniest way of portraying a stereotypical sportsman whose skills at football far outweigh their personality!)  and Jerry Stiller (Father of Ben and star of King of Queens amongst others). 

The episodes we got to watch where brilliant, they kind of borrow from Spongebob in the use of live action and animation mixed together. There was the added brilliance pf jokes which may have gone over the heads of the kids as they were in the background of the main story, but definitely provided a chuckle to the adults watching.

Gadget Dad summed it up when he proclaimed it "in your face", as this definitely draws in both the kids and adults- Gadget Dad I have to point out had popped in with a cuppa for me and ended up drawn in to sit on the sofa until the end!

It is definitely one of the funniest kids shows I have had the pleasure of watching for a long time!

I really hope this does well and perhaps Disney is persuaded to make a full length movie from it- we'd be at the front of the queue for that!

Fish Hooks airs on Saturdays, on the Disney Channel at 9.25am. 

You can find out more at

Until then, you can meet Bea, played by Chelsea Staub:

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