Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Its time for a Guest Review, this time from Beth who blogs at My Good Life. She's been trying out Boggle Flash on her family and Guide Unit too, so what did they think?

Boggle Flash is an innovative new twist on one of my favourite childhood games, Boggle.  Instead of the small cubes in a dome you get five electronic tiles with ‘Smart Link Technology’ which enables them to recognise words being made.Simply slide the tiles around to make words with the letters shown on the tiles and beat the clock.  Boggle Flash is suitable for ages 8+ and 2-4 players.

I tested Boggle Flash out on my friends and family along with my Guide Unit in order to give it a thorough going over. 

When I received Boggle Flash I was impressed with the packaging as it contained all the information you need in order to purchase a game and with the clear front of the box you can really see what you are getting.  Although, one criticism of the packaging is that the box is bigger than I feel is necessary.

Boggle Flash proved a huge success with everyone who had a go at it.  We enjoyed competing against the clock although frustration set in when we failed to reach the maximum scores.  

The really clever bit about Boggle Flash is that it keeps score for you so you can truly concentrate on finding the words within the letters.

We all loved Boggle Flash and cannot find any significant flaws with the game play.  
Boggle Flash is highly recommended by everyone here.

Boggle Flash can be purchased from Amazon for £14.99

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