Monday, 15 November 2010

GUEST REVIEW Ecover Cleaning products

We can hear the sound of cleaning going on, so it must be time for Mellow Mummy's latest household cleaner review! Over to you Emma!

Regular Family Panel readers will know that I like to use environmentally friendly cleaning products but that I am not impressed with their cleaning power so tend to have to supplement with stain removers or additives for the types of wash that a baby or toddler generates. I've been reviewing Ecover's new laundry range which claims to have an improved cleaning formula.

As someone who uses Ecover products but had abandoned their laundry products for lack of performance I was interested to find out whether the new formula detergents performed any better to their predecessors. Ecover laundry products are made from plant and mineral-based products which are much kinder to the environment than traditional laundry detergents. Ecover's Bio and Non-Bio washing powders have a new formula which is designed to work better at lower temperatures.

Once I had remembered how to use powdered detergent (ehehe) I was actually quite surprised at how happy I was with the cleanliness of my clothes (more correctly, my toddler's clothes) and by the fragrance of the clothes after washing at 30 degrees. The powder has been reformulated at a higher concentrate so I was surprised at how small the box needed to be and how little I needed to use (a 750g wash claims to do 10 washes) – Ecover say that this to lead to a 25% saving over their old formula. I am happy enough with my wash that I would consider moving back to Ecover from my normal liquitabs even though the price of Ecover washing powder in my local supermarket is comparable to the price of liquitabs (which are always a lot more expensive than the same brand of powder). I haven't experienced any clumping of the powder or any residue on my clothes which is what originally put me off powdered detergent.

I wasn't as impressed by the non-bio laundry liquid which I found to lack the same level of cleaning power as the powder. When you pour the liquid into the machine it seems to have a really great, invigorating smell (that claims to be lavender) but the clothes and nappies that I washed with it didn't come out smelling strongly. In fact, given that I don't use softener in a nappy wash, the smell of the nappies afterwards really wasn't that pleasant. The liquid detergent was reformulated last year but this year has been rebranded in a slighty sexier packaging.

Ecover's fabric softeners have always been a hit with me. They have been relaunched in bottles the same size as their competitors to allow you to more easily compare prices. At my local supermarket all the fabric softeners work out at pretty much the same price per litre so if I can buy one which smells great, performs well AND leaves a smaller dent on the environment then I can't see any reason not to buy it.

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