Sunday, 21 November 2010

Stocking Fillers for all the Family!

Its fast approaching Christmas, the food is all booked, and your about to dust off the tree for another year. But, after buying all those must haves we've already reviewed this year, theres a little bit of money left in the pot. And taking out those Stockings means you need something to put in them! So heres a few ideas for great value stocking fillers...


They have it all already, the big toys, the little toys, electronic and otherwise. So what do you buy for the stocking? 

Well if you're kids like CBeebies, then the CBeebies Song Time CD is just right!

Packed with all the well known songs and theme tunes from all the best loved of CBeebies programming, its two CDs packed with 50, yes thats right 50 songs!

Designed to keep them singing for literally ours, the CBeebies Song Time CD had both the Tot Testers happily dancing, singing and jumping around all afternoon. There's something for everybody on the discs, and its hard even for us adults not to join in with the tunes we are used to hearing on the TV.

From a parents perspective, this may get a bit irritating after a while, after all they are kids TV songs, but just seeing the pleasure on Big Tots face was enough for me to put up with it!

The CBeebies Song Time CD is available from for £8.95 (thats just 17p per track!) and can be bought on CD or downloaded. 


Mums, they are a busy breed, right, and especially at Christmas time. It can be cold out as they run here and there, making the preparations and picking up the kids, the shopping and doing all the other things us Mums do!

So, why not treat them to a set of Naughty But Nice Re-Usable Handwarmers.

These eye-catching  hand warmers come in cupcake shapes, and they look good enough to eat! 

They are also very simple to use- just squeeze the concealed metal disc hidden within until they click, and the gel will go solid as they heat up. So its easy to have warm toasty mits in a matter of minutes! They are small enough to fit inside your gloves too.

They can be re-used too, just by adding them to boiled water covered in a cloth. 

They are a great alternative way of pampering Mum instead of the usual bath salts!

The Naughty But Nice Cupcake Handwarmers are available from, priced £5.99


The Dane-Elec USB flash drive is a tiny gift which packs in 2GB of memory, and is great for Dads who like to move their work from home to work PC or laptop.

These aren't just your average USB Flash drives though, in a plastic black casing, oh no.

The Dane-Elec is available in all manner of funky designs with added extras, such as the SkateDrive (priced at £15-20 from all major retailers)

The Skatedrive as the name suggests looks like a miniature skate board, and comes with added extras such as videos and wallpapers. They are also available in pearlescent white, Hello Kitty or plain standard black. 

The Dane-Elec USB Flash drive comes with 5 year warranty too, so you can trust that your important data can be moved safely, and quickly too.

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