Friday, 7 January 2011

Bold 2 in 1 with Lenor

Well, after our Christmas break, 20somethingmum has had lots of laundry to see to! She's been trying Bold 2 in 1 with Lenor to see how it copes with our families grime.

I am very bad at sticking to one brand and have practically used the same washing powder for the last ten years- its not let me down too often, and its kind to my skin too. Trying a new powder has been interesting, and its had to cope with not just a busy Christmas full of rich food (and the stains they create on fabrics both party and everyday) but with the whole Family Panel suffering with flu!

The Bold definitely smells nicer than my usual brand- the jasmine is very obvious on opening the box, but pleasantly so, and not over powering like some scented products. It promises to last up to 12 hours and whilst it does wear off it is there, faintly but not enough to clash with my perfume.

Economy wise, it takes a small amount to wash a whole 11kg if its everyday soils its dealing with, which it manages on the first wash. With a light coloured duvet cover which was used during Big Tot's flu virus and so had acquired spots of Calpol and Cough syrup, which can need an extra wash to shift was removed first time with no stains left behind.

Grease left on a shirt of Gadget Dad's from a splash of cooking oil, which would usually have resulted in the shirt hitting the bin was also no match for the Bold 2 in 1. It came off first time, and again the scent that was left was lovely- especially now the weather means drying indoors.

Skin kind wise, I had a mild irritation from it the first few times I used it, but this has relaxed now- which I would put down to my skin reacting to a change in brand after so long!

I have been pleasantly surprised by the Bold. Its leaves clothing and bedding, and especially towels, soft, scented and is great on the pocket too- we've had our box nearly a month and its still going strong at just under half full!

I for one will be switching.

Bold 2 in 1 with Lenor is available in other fragrances, and can be purchased from all major Supermarkets.

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