Monday, 31 January 2011

Debbie Rush Bulge Buster Work Out DVD

Its the early part of 2011, and the time when most woman look to lose those extra pounds from Christmas. 20SomethingMum is no exception, and has been trying out the Debbie Rush Bulge Buster Workout DVD. 

Debbie Rush wasn't someone who I immediately recognised, but she plays Annie Windass is Coronation Street, and has dropped from a size 16 to an 8. After a quick 'net search to familiarise myself with her, I found quite a few "before and after" photos, and have to say Debbie has obviously put in a lot of time and effort to achieve her enviable figure.

The DVD is your typical workout DVD- a familiar face plus a trained expert take on different levels of workout depending on your fitness and ability, which you can either tackle in one go, or do bit by bit.

The workout takes the style of circuit training, all in all there are 7 to chose from, and the promise that they are no nonsense is no joke! Devised by a International Rugby Expert, you can really imagine the England squad doing some of these at their training ground!

They do stretch you- my fitness level is probably average for a Mum of two pre-schoolers, and I felt bits of me working (especially my thighs) that have probably not been touched in years. I also felt the effects the day after too. I would definitely say I felt more effects than my Wii Fit or Sports Resort induce. 

The DVD also comes with a Healthy Eating suggestion plan, which I found interesting, as previous DVDs I had tried didn't have these, and obviously its not just exercise but the combination of the two which helps shift weight and tone up those problem bits.

I enjoyed the DVD, as I really felt it working, but would say that Alan Titerell, expert trainer was slightly boring- lacking a bit of the usual pazzaz of other experts, and more like a drill Sergent. There wasn't much in-put from Debbie either, or interaction between her and Alan, which doesn't detract from the workout but left the DVD feeling a bit lonely- I prefer when people in DVDs actually join in and interact as then you feel like you're at a meeting rather than in your back bedroom!

Overall, the workouts are a good length, you'll certainly need to use the cool down at the end, but may end up feeling a bit like a school PE lesson! 

The Debbie Rush Bulge Buster DVD is available from Amazon, Priced £12.99

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