Monday, 31 January 2011

GUEST REVIEW Gadget Glamour iPhone Skins

Its time for a Guest Review, and this time we're handing over to Victoria, who is usually found over at the fantastic Glowstars blog. She tried iPhone skins from Gadget Glamour, so what did she think?

I'm a big fan of the iPhone and I couldn't imagine going back to another phone but let's face it, their cases are a million different kinds of boring. All I want is a cheap, simple customisation option that offers a little bit of protection for when I inevitably drop the thing.

Gadget Glamour have just launched a custom-designed range of iPhone, iPad and netbook skins in the UK and they sent me one to see what I thought. 

There are some great designs on their site and the skins seemed like a great way of giving your gadget some individuality.

The skins come in two separate pieces, one each for the front and back of the device. Application should be as simple as removing the skin from the backing and placing on the desired surface. Unfortunately I couldn't get the skin entirely flat on my phone and there was some bubbling. It's also disappointing that the skin falls well short of the long ends of the iPhone. Placing the skin on the front of the phone is a similar process except the skin has a further film to remove once affixed.

Over all I wasn't particularly impressed with the Gadget Glamour Skins. They were a lot trickier to apply than you would expect them to be and this was particularly true of the front skin which doesn't even come with a screen protector. I decided to apply the skin over my existing protector but it lifted it off during the application letting dust in underneath. Aside from protection from scratches underneath the skin, the skins offer nothing in the way of protection for the phone and if I dropped it (which is likely; the matt finish is incredibly smooth letting the phone slip easily from your hands) there would be nothing to break its fall. 

The price (starting at £10 for an iPhone skin) is another gripe; for much less you can get a protective hard or silicone case on eBay and they're at least interchangeable.

Sorry Gadget Glamour, I'm just not a fan.

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