Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Despicable Me on DVD

Its film time again, and this time the Family Panel have been sitting down to watch Despicable Me. Was it one for everyone to enjoy, or more for the kids.....

I was first lucky enough to get a preview of some of the film at last years Cybermummy conference, and have to say, even the ten minute clip I was indulged with made me laugh. So I was more than happy to watch the whole film now its available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Boasting an impressive cast, including Steve Carrell, Russell Brand and Julie Andrews, and with a sound track by coolness itself Pharrell Williams of NERD fame, it quickly captured the attention of Big Tot.

This is the first film which Big Tot has sat through, without complaint or worse, getting up half way through to play with her toys. She literally sat from start to finish, laughing at the obvious humour, and was a massive fan of the little yellow alien helpers too.

The film is excellent for kids and adults alike- there is the more obvious silly slap stick humour that 3 year old Big Tot appreciated, but there is also less obvious to a child visual gags too. 

There is also the storyline which, unusually, sees you rooting for the original bad guy character, Gru. A super villain who has never really lived up to the title, we learn through flashback that he became a villain due to an inferiority complex caused by his Mother's lack of interest- now that's something kids wont get, but made myself and Gadget Dad laugh out loud. 

Little Tot was harder to interest, due to his age, but even he was engaged by the little yellow alien helpers- who despite not having an understandable dialogue get their message across through funny misadventure and very well created facial expressions.

You also have the cute element covered in the endearing shape of 3 orphans that Gru adopts purely as part of his latest villainous plans, but whom he finds change his life by filling it with love. 

In parts very well observed, and quite bittersweet, and at others so funny that Big Tot rolled off the sofa (really) this is film that covers all the cinematic bases and I would happily recommend for families. Something for everyone, with the ever popular CGI in use and great characters (as well as recognisable from the off voice artists) and a funky for a kids film soundtrack, Despicable Me is one for Half term without doubt.

A must see!

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