Saturday, 5 February 2011

Ocado- Weekly Shopping Delivered to Your Door

20somethingmum is a recent convert to online grocery shopping. After a particularly awful few weeks of snow before Christmas, shopping in the supermarket seemed to be a bad idea. Ocado, hearing of her being a devotee, asked the Family Panel to try out their newest range. What did they think, and how did it compare to their usual shopping provider?

I had heard of, or rather seen, Ocado, their brightly coloured vans seem to pop up at least one a day. Previously I always assumed they delivered another companies produce, and thought they'd be quite expensive too. 

On browsing their equally brightly covered website, which was easy to navigate, Ocado not only have their own range, but its both extensive and competitively priced too.
The range covers frozen, fresh and cupboard essentials, plus more than a few notable luxuries too. Th Tot Testers loved munching the giant cookies we were sent, and when we could fight them to hand over a crumb we could see why they were met with positive silence of eating pleasure!

Basically, if you can think of a food stuff, Ocado have it in their range, including world foods like Houmous (gorgeous!) pastas and sauces (just as tasty as the major brands and many under a pound), breads (a firm fave with the Tots) and good old fashioned British fayre. 

The fruit and veg came in generous bags, and the quality was excellent- no sneakily hidden bad apples, or pears, here.

Packaging wise, its no frills. The labelling tells you what you need to know, and that's it, no fancy designs, just good clear labelling, and a good number of the packets were recyclable too.

The sizes of all the items we were sent to try were generous, and the cupboard items lasted a good number of weeks.

Another popular item was the sour cream dip, yummy with crisps, and as for the Chorizo sausage, something I'd not tried before was a welcome discovery.

Ocado don't just stop there though. After you've picked your shop online, they pack it. Sounds like all the other supermarkets. However, Ocado drivers deliver your shop, in bags colour coded depending on what they contain, and the driver will put away your shop for you. You direct them to the kitchen, and off they go, carefully unpacking the shop, and skillfully putting it away. Our driver was cheerful, and polite, no surly growls here.

So, price. Obviously, with shopping going up price is important. On site, Ocado have a range of items for £1, £2 and £3, special offers on named brands they stock, and their individual range is very well priced. A 400g block of cheddar costs £2.99 at Ocado, in comparison with Tesco who sell theirs for £3.85. Tesco's 200g pot of Houmous will set you back 95p, whereas Ocado's is 15p cheaper at 80p. As for a 2.5kg bag of humble potatoes, again these are cheaper at Ocado, costing £1.29 in comparison to Tesco who charge £1.67. 

With 1 kg bags of pasta at a £1, and fresh baked bread for £1.29, added to the bonus of not having to go in store to buy, and the option of your shopping unpacked at no extra charge, Ocado is a site well worth considering next time you do your weekly shop. 

I would be more than happy to shop there again, I was very impressed with the service and products we received.

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