Thursday, 24 March 2011

Get In Shape Without the Diet With K and Co Shapewear

As any Mum knows, shifting the pounds to wear this seasons must have body-con dresses can be hard, if not impossible. So, what can you do if you want to fit those slinky dresses and skinny jeans, but can't afford something as drastic as surgery? K and Co have some great suggestions at their website....

Its close to summer, we all wish we could have the body we used to own prior to the children, and want to wear tight fitting snug jeans but don't want a muffin top to spoil the line of our outifit. So, other than drastic dieting and expensive gym membership- and who has time with the demands of motherhood- there are certain underwear items which every women should own for just those situations!

Yes, sensible, old fashioned undies are in, and now the girdles are Grannies used to own have been brought bang up to date with new advances in material and stretch fabrics. And its not all flesh coloured underwear which whilst sucks in all those bits we'd rather hide, is often best hidden away from the eyes of our other halfs, K and Co offer beautiful designs and slinky fabrics, including satin and lace, which will not leave you red faced to be seen in!

K and Co is the online shop of products from well known catalogue firms Kays, Empire Stores and Great Universal, and its easy to find your way around their website. Even if you have five minutes to spare, everything you may wish to buy for any occassion, from undies to outterwear, as well as accessories is at the site, with lots of styles to choose from.

The Shapewear range is huge, and caters for whatever problem areas you may have, providing underwear which gives the wearer a flattering silhouette, or just the best kind of underwear to banish unsightly visible lines under tighter fabrics.

Prices start at a reasonable £10, with the option of weekly payment in installments* and sizes range from size 6 up to 32. From classic underwired bodysuits to newer slimming leggings, there are styles to suit every need, and a rainbow of pretty to functional colours too. 

The images used are clear and the descriptions make it easy to choose the right shapewear for your specific needs, be that tummy control to full body uplifts, which will help out online shopping novices who may fret about buying something they haven't tried on first.

They even have ratings from previous customers, so you buy with the knowledge of what other consumers thought before.

With items from companies such as Maidenform, Playtex, Ultimo and Trinny and Susannah, the site provides a one stop online shop for everything from corsettry, to bodysuits, and underwear to provide that slinky shape you thought was impossible!

A must bookmark for all those with wobbly bits, K and Co make achieving the shapes we want under our clothes as simple as point and click!

The full range of Shapewear can be found at the K and Co website 

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Images courtesy of the K and Co website

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  1. Great post, I have 3 young children and I was really stressing out about what I could do to have some ‘me’ time over the summer holidays!

    I’ve decided to book some well-deserved treats this summer including a massage at the local Bannatyne spa which is especially geared towards tired parents.

    Can’t wait for some indulgence over the summer!