Thursday, 24 March 2011

GUEST POST: Pampered Toes

Any Mum or Mum to be knows how much our previously well looked after feet take a bashing. With limited totsy attention time, it can be a nightmare when sandal season rolls around. Our regular guest reviewer and busy working Mum Mellow Mummy has been trying out JML's Pampered Toes. So, what did she think?

I was sceptical about the claims that the JML Pampered Toes packaging made – could a pair of wibbly wobbly gel toe inserts really relax my toes and relieve my aching feet to offer me a level of relaxation I could only otherwise experience at a spa?

I have been quite genuinely surprised. The concept it simple but the effects are great. You place the gel inserts carefully over each toe and then sit down and chill out for 10 – 15 minutes! Maybe its the fact that you have to sit down and zone out that adds to the level of relaxation?

When I first saw the bright blue gel Pampered Toes product (which JML describe as being made from cool flexible gel), I had assumed that you must need to chill them in the fridge or freezer and that it was the cooling effect that helped to ease tired, achy feet. I was wrong. I think the cooling effect is limited – it simply is the sensation of the wobbly gel against your skin.

When I wore the Pampered Toes on my feet, it felt of.... nothing at all. I can only describe the feeling as being a bit like putting your hand into a bowl of water that is at exactly body temperature – you know something is there but you simply can't feel it. I had expected my toes to feel a little stretched and uncomfortable while I was wearing them, but they didn't. I've read the sensation of wearing Pampered Toes described as like 'walking on air' and I'd tend to agree – your toes are stretched to just the right extent to stretch out the stress from your feet, but not so much as to strain them further.

After a hard day at work, as I wind down before bed, the Pampered Toes have helped with that little extra bit of chill-out and leave my feet feeling refreshed from a day in hot sweaty shoes. It feels good. The effect is not life-changing and not, I would argue, anywhere near as relaxing as a professional footspa or massage.

My only complaint about the JML Pampered Toes is that they could do with a cover of some sort. I've found that the gel attracts dirt and dust (and that my toddler likes to grab them and pretend that they're telephones!) and so as well as washing them after use (as they recommend), I have to wash them before use too.

Pampered Toes cost around £9.99 and come in both blue and pink gels.

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