Saturday, 12 March 2011

Maclaren Beginnings Range

20somethingmum and Little Tot have been trying some of Maclaren's Beginning bath range, in Hand Santizer, Bath and Shower Elixir and Delicate soap. So what did our sensitive skinned pair think?

Maclaren, of course, is a brand well known for their stylish buggies, I myself had a Maclaren buggy as a child. More recently, they have branched out into their Beginning range of bath and body creams specifically for Mum and Baby (or in our case Toddler).

First we tried out the Delicate Soap for Babies. It looks like your average bar of soap, has no smell and no colour, so that does make you confident that its kind to delicate young skin, which of course we all strive to keep as soft as possible.

It's made with 100% Organic ingredients, and promises to be non-drying. 
We certainly found that, despite its softness and kindness to Little Tot's skin, he had o signs of adverse skin irritation, it was hardy enough to remove some ill advised body art achieved with a biro! I didn't need to scrub at the pen or grime either, it lathered well, and left his skin soft and blemish free.

Next I tried a product aimed at us Mums, Beginning Bath and Shower Elixir.

It comes in a handy pump action bottle, and smells lovely and fruity, I really liked the scent, and it didn't interfere with my perfume afterwards. Again, it left me soft of skin, and it lathered well, whether used in the shower or bath.  Again, it is made with organic ingredients and is skin kind. I found it very soothing to my tired and often dried out skin, a great find which I will be stocking and recommending to all my Mummy friends!

Likewise the Hand Santizer with Lavender. In a handy and buggy bag friendly size and with a flip top which opens with ease (even if you are opening it akwardly with dirty hands), it isn't too wet and doesn't just slip straight through your fingers before you get a chance to wash the hands with it, which I have found previously with other brands.

Again, it smells really fresh but doesn't "knock you out" with too much lavender smell, again a hazard of some hand cleaning products which over indulge in lavender scent to mask the cleaning ingredients. It also works to remove all traces of grime and dries quickly without leaving hands stinging or sticky. Its really easy to have it in your bag and use on your or the children's hands, I found it easy to rub it from my hands to theirs and clean up quickly with no fuss. With some hand santizers I often want to wash my hands with "proper" soap and water afterwards before touching foods, but the Beginning santizer didn't have that chemical after taste.

A great feature of all three is that the packaging, although simple, doesn't look cheap and cheerful- I would definitely use them when putting together a gift basket of goodies for a new mum and be confident that I was passing on some really great products to them. 

The Maclaren Beginning range in full is available from the Maclaren website, including ready made Gift sets.

*20SomethingMum is sponsored by Maclaren for Cybermummy 2011 as a "Maclaren Mum, and has been paid for this review."

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