Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Mothers Day with Interflora

Mothers Day is close- on the 3rd April- so its time for The Family Panel to suggest their tips for the perfect gift. This year, we've been looking at Interflora.

Interflora are a well known company, but until recently I thought they sold flowers and arranged them for you, then delievered them too- a one stop shop for fancy flora and fauna with little effort other than picking the required blooms.

However, whilst Interflora are still doing just that, they now sell other gifts too, which they package and deliver for you in the same way.

We tried their Gourmet Delights Hamper, one of a host of different sized, and priced hampers. The Gourmet Delights Hamper contains, as the name suggests gourmet treats to suit all tastes, as well as a good bottle of white wine too to wash them down with.

The hamper came very well presented, and an added bonus was the hamper came be re-used for picnics! Stuffed with jams, savoury biscuits, heavenly fudge, and lip smackingly tasty chocolate, the hamper was well received by everyone in our household. I loved the share factor of it, as there was something which everyone could enjoy (the Tots particuarly indulged pinching the little box of chocolate truffles).

At £34.99, although that may sound alot, this includes delivery, and with it so full of foods and a bottle of decent wine, its comparitive with alternative Mothers Day gifts such as perfume and, of course, flowers.

The site really is an easy to use aladdins cave of different gift ideas, not just for Mothers Day but for all occasions. The prices are competitive and for the lack of effort- just point and click to order and then type the address into the checkout- they really are worth the money.

I will definitely use Interflora again- and my Granny will be pleased I'm sure that she might just get something different to flowers for once!

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