Wednesday, 20 April 2011

GUEST REVIEW: Elias Superwipes

Mellow Mummy, are super clean Queen, has been trying Elias Superwipes, so what did she think?

A small packet of stain-removal wipes seems like a great idea for a busy parent to have in the changing bag to mop up food stains from messy babies and toddlers, or to save a much-loved item of clothing after an accident with a sup of coffee or a glass of wine. Elias super wipes are stain removal 'first aid' and they come in a small pack of 5 wipes for around £2.49.

I first had opportunity to use the wipes on an unfortunate pet stain on a much-loved pair of curtains. I wiped the nearly-dry stain with one wipe and it got to work quickly. After a few short minutes, most of the stain had gone. I did put the curtains in the wash afterwards to get rid of the last of the stain.

I've found them effective on food stains, so long as you get to them quickly and don't let the stain fully dry. I like the fact that Elias super-wipes aren't intended as a pre-treatment and that they really can shift a stain without the need for a wash to do the hard work.

I didn't like the packaging though – it was poorly worded and sounded patronising and also featured at least one spelling mistake which really put me off.

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