Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Guest Review: Shloer Summer Fruit Punch

We've given our resident Queen of Clean Mellow Mummy a day off from scrubbing the house to get her views on Shloer Summer Fruit Punch. So, did it quench her thirst in this unseasonably hot weather?

In this summery weather, I'm tempted to open a bottle of wine, beer far too often for my own health so I was really pleased to hear that Shloer have launched a new limited edition flavour for the spring and summer months – Shloer Summer Fruit Punch sounds like just the kind of drink you can enjoy with the family without feeling guilty about alcohol, and without having to worry about who's driving home.

Shloer Summer Fruit Punch, I'm pretty sure, is marketing itself this summer as the alcohol-free equivalent to a glass of summery Pimms. It has the same colour and the same scent as the popular British classic – Shloer even recommends that the Summer Fruit Punch version of this sparking grape juice drink is best served 'dressed to impress' with all the traditional trimmings such as mint leaves, slices of orange, cucumber and fresh strawberries, served in a jug over ice. I can picture the scene at a hot family BBQ or Royal Wedding street party already... summery!

I have to say that I was really disappointed with the flavour of the Shloer Summer Fruit Punch. To me it tasted of very little, and what flavour it had seemed too savoury, a bit like the dregs in the bottom of the Pimms jug that have soaked up too much cucumber juice! There are other soft drinks that I would much rather be drinking this summer if I were to be avoiding alcohol, or looking for a drink that I could offer children and adults alike. I was also a little suspicious of the ingredients which, other than White Grape Juice, seemed to be rather unspecific about the natural flavourings that contributed to the 'fruit' or 'punch' elements of the product's name.

In fact, I'd much rather be drinking the other great flavours of Shloer such as White or Red Grape, Apple & White Grape, White Grape with Raspberry and Cranberry or White Grape and Elderflower (which I think sounds incredibly summery). In general I really rate Shloer because it is free from artificial colours, sweeteners and flavourings and yet, because it is sparkling, it feels like a really special drink.

If you're looking for inspiration of what to serve at your big family gatherings over the Bank Holiday season that head over to the Shloer Facebook page (www.facebook.com/shloer) where you can find a whole host of summery recipes in their Sunday Cookbook app. All of the recipes are contributed by Facebook fans which offer a wide range of ideas for simple foods to share. If you contribute your own recipes, you even stand a chance of winning great prizes such as cookery tuition from an expert chef! You can even win £100 of Lakeland vouchers if you vote for your favourite recipes.

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