Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Guest Review: Simply Vital Silver Care Antibacterial Toothbrush

In her second guest review of today, its personal hygiene that Mellow Mummy is testing, in the form of the Simply Vital Silver Care Antibacterial Toothbrush

The idea of a silver-plated toothbrush sounds very decadent, doesn't it? In fact, there is a very sensible reason why you might want a silver-plated toothbrush (and it is not just the luxury!). Silver is a very effective antibacterial agent so could lead to a healthier mouth.

Studies from the Universities of Rome and Milan show that your toothbrush head is susceptible to very high levels of bacterial contamination due to it coming in contact with all the nasties to been found inside your mouth. Using a toothbrush with a silver-plated head can, they tell us, reduce the bacteria left on your toothbrush head after use due to the natural and continual antibacterial properties of silver.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the Silver Care toothbrush is that, rather disappointingly, it isn't a bright and sparkly solid silver toothbrush! Only the back of the head (i.e. the bit that holds the bristles together in place) is plated with silver. Even so, it is quite striking to have that flash of silver glinting at you in the mirror as you brush your teeth.

The toothbrush itself is a relatively standard one. Nicely shaped and not too fancy. The grip around the centre of the brush is just right for me – prevents slippage but doesn't feel like it interferes with my own movements.

The bristles as well are nothing to write home about. I used a medium Silver Care toothbrush and actually found it a very firm brush compared to the brands I'm used to.

The most interesting thing about the Silver Care antibacterial toothbrush is that it has removable heads. To start with I thought that this was going to mean that the Silver Care toothbrush was a great idea for sharing – that my husband and I would be able to swap toothbrush heads but use the same handle (I thought it might be handy when going on holiday). However, the heads are actually quite stiff to replace so I don't think it is intended to be an every day activity. Each head comes with a small plastic container in which to store it and keep it clean. You can also buy replacement heads so that you don't have to replace the whole toothbrush.

On the whole, I was a bit underwhelmed by the Silver Care toothbrush but at least the germ-reducing effect of the silver leaves me with peace of mind knowing that my toothbrush is far more hygenic than most people's!

You can find out more about the Silver Care toothbrush range at

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