Saturday, 23 April 2011

Thomas Goes Pop! on DVD

The Tot Testers have been watching kids TV favourite Thomas in his latest DVD release "Thomas Goes Pop!". So, did it tame the Half Term tantrums? 

The DVD is, as you'd expect, crammed with all the same well loved characters as we are now used to, and contains 50 minutes in 4 episodes of the show not yet shown on TV.

As an added bonus, we are treated to commentary between episodes from Live action host Driver Perkins, who explains what's going on with the trains, as well as dressing up as a clown and getting a cream pie in the face- something the Tot's found highly funny.

Whilst the Tots love the stories of Thomas and the misadventures he and his friends often find themselves at the centre of, the timeless way it teaches kids life lessons such as the importance of friendship, doing as you're told and cooperation, will please parents. Its simple, old fashioned fun, although I do miss the original way it was filmed, which has now been replaced with CGI.

While those of us who watched Thomas in our own childhood will recognise the same old messages being rehashed into new stories, and may find it a bit repetitive, if your children are like the Tots the DVD will be a constant friend of the DVD player for some time, its a fir favourite in our house already!

Something I'd recommend as a departure from louder, brighter, new cartoons, its a gentle reminder of the old days of kids TV! Keep it for rainy days!

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