Saturday, 30 April 2011

Tinga Tinga Tales Up, Down and All Around Monkey

Little Tot is a mischievous boy, always up to high jinx, so its no surprise that his favorite TV character's are the naughty monkey's from CBeebies Tinga Tinga Tales. He's been trying out one of the new interactive toys from the series, so what did he think?

Little Tot, being two and a half, has only recently made it clear what his likes and dislikes are and Television is no different. So, he was very pleased to find one of his current top 3 characters waiting for him to try out. 

That pleasure doubled the minute we switched on the toy itself- and even better from a parents perspective, the batteries came included with the toy, so its simply a case of removing it from the box and switiching it on in the back. 

Another definite thumbs up in its favour, the box was easy to take the toy from- some can require half an hours hard work with the scissors (and a degree of care not to cause yourslef or the toy damage), leaving a child increasingly close to tantrum, but it was held in by about 3 tags which snipped off with ease.

The toy, the Red monkey from the show, is just as delightfully colourful as on the show itself, and instantly recognisable- some TV to toy incarnations can leave the child scratching their head to place what show it's from. The colours are vibrant and inviting, and the smiley face is jolly too.

The toy itself is plush and super soft, and Little Tot had fun cuddling the toy in bed at night- we did try and use the handy hookable hands and tail to attach it to his bed, but such was Little Tot's love of hugging the soft toy, it didn't stay hooked for long.

The hands and tail are very easy to attach, just hook over a door handle, head board of chair, and it does stay rather well- but not so well that little hands can't remove it with ease.

The best aspect, as mentioned, is when you turn it on. It has quite a number of phrases direct from the TV show, and I for one find it quite sweet that Little Tot has now picked up "Jambo" from the toy! It also senses what way up it is, and tells you off if its left upside down too long, or if you have left it in the same position it'll ask you to pick it up, asking if you're going to "just leave me hanging around" all day!

Little Tot found this chatter hilarious, and it certainly encouraged interaction, as he answered the toy back and chatted quite happily to it, whatever the response.

A great all round toy which will please both girls and boys, the Interactive Up, Down and All Around Monkey comes highly recommended by us at The Family Panel.

You can buy the toy from most retailers, such as Argos for around £24.99

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