Friday, 6 May 2011

Flowers from Interflora

Like any man, Flowers can be a daunting prospect for Gadget Dad. But we set him a challenge to see how easy it was to buy roses for 20somethingmum from Interflora. How did he get on? Has he been let off forgetting Mothers Day? Let's find out.....

As a bloke, I'm not what you'd call knowledgeable about flowers- I know that you put them in a pot and, if you're lucky they grow. 

The actual buying, let alone picking, wrapping and sending of flowers- well, I thought that would be a complete male no no.

Then, 20somethingmum was asked to have a look at Interflora's website, and, such was its ease of use, she believed even I could order a bunch and find sending flowers online simple to do.

The first thing I had to do was see what was available to be sent from one of Interflora's florists in London, (or whichever county you happen to be in) and I was surprised just how many bouquets were available- there's everything imaginable, and at different prices too. 

So, its not just a case of picking a flower-not easy if you don't know your lily from your lilac- but Interflora have some great suggestions depending on what the flowers are for. 

You can also chose by your budget, from the smallest to the biggest amount of spend, plus you can see exactly what you are purchasing via the very handy images, and can trust that the quality will be great as Interflora are such a well known established brand.

Delivery is simple, and can be arranged for the same day as you order, as long as you do so before 3pm Monday to Saturday.
Its such a simple site to use, well, even a novice flower purchaser like myself has no excuse not to chose something that someone as fussy as 20somethingmum will love! 

I can recommend Interflora for all your flower needs, whether you have no idea what to send or know what bloom they'll love, Interflora is a must bookmark.

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