Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mamas And Papas Online

Little Tot is no longer as Little as his name suggests, and its time to go from cot to bed. It can be hard for both parents and child a like to make the change- not to mention expensive! We tried out Mamas and Papas website to see what was available for our growing Tot Tester.

Little Tot had the misfortune of being a second child, so when he moved from being a guest in our bedroom to a room of his own, he inherited his elder sister's bedroom scheme. She, being more vocal was able to ask for what style she wanted, but Little Tot had to make do with animals and Winnie the Pooh. 

So, now he's close to 3 and giving up his cot, we let him chose what he wanted for his room. We let him sit with us to view the range available at all round baby, toddler and parent stockists Mamas and Papas, and he was very pleased to join in!


The images on site make it easy for even the youngest of consumers to see what's available to buy, and when we received Little Tots choice of a Barnaby Button Quilt and Pillowcase set (currently £32.40, reduced from £72) we weren't disappointed as it looked just like the picture on screen. The colours and sharp so give a good representation of the product you receive, with no nasty surprises, and the handy zoom feature really shows the item in clear photographic form.

I liked how the item was shown in a room set up- not just designed to show what else was in the range, but also handy to show how the item goes with the kind of cotbed and room decor, so great for ideas!

The Barnaby Button set we received was superb quality, very soft and ready to set up on the bed. It would make an excellent gift for a child, and, being neutral, could be suitable for boy or girl. The teddy design is simple and classic, rather than garish like some characters on children's bedding. Its also machine washable, which any parent will know is a must.

As for the rest of the room, Mamas and Papas have it all, and then some. 

We loved that the site was set into different categories, such as Maternity Wear, Nursery Furniture and Car Seats for ease of use, and there are helpful suggestions on what you may think of purchasing to go with what you've already picked. The quality shines through, and there are prices to suit most budgets.

If you are looking to update, stock up for an impending birth or just want a gift, then Mamas and Papas is the site for you.

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