Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My Mini Baby Born Doll and Farm

In another Half Term special, Big Tot has been trying out a new doll from the vast Baby Born range, a mini Baby Born. So, has she got doll fatigue or was it instant love?

Big Tot is a girls girl- she has umpteen dolls, all of whom have names, accessories and all of whom she looks after in her own little way (although leaving them in her rucksack possibly isn't the best idea!)

We gave her the Mini Baby Born and Farm set a week ago, and weren't sure what she'd make of something so small. Its 4 year old hand sized, so not your typical dolly, and obviously it doesn't fit with her clothes, bed and pram which all her other dolls fit.

The redeeming feature for Big Tot was the accessories which came with it. The doll is a farmer, wearing miniature welly boots, hat and outfit (in pink, what else?) which you can remove, and has a set of two soft rabbits, a hay bales, some moulded carrots, a rake and a fence, as well as a miniature wheelbarrow.

Big Tot really liked the tiny rabbits- but these were so small they could easily be swallowed, so we had to hide these upstairs away from Little Tot. We also found that the plush on the back of the rabbits came off very easily- which left them looking a bit raggedy and bald after a few days. 

The doll is cute- and Big Tot enjoyed that her size meant she could take her to playschool and leave her in her rucksack, as we usually have the "to big to take" conversation in respect of her other dolls. 

Big Tot has now lost (in her bedroom) most of the smaller accessories, except the wheelbarrow which has been pinched by Little Tot!

It's reasonably priced at under £10 (Amazon), but you do need to consider the small parts in the box before buying.

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